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...I Can't Believe I'm Doing This...


Original Art!

Title: Electric Light Orchestra
Rating: G, as in, Gee it's been forever!
Character: Junebug, as created by wonderfish and me.
Media: Photoshop
Notes: Thought I'd try drawing in emmycic's style, just for fun. Her art's so exciting and animated. Junie's not a witch or anything, she's just got a wand full of glowstick stuff, so she drew herself some wings. Oh, and yes, that is Rainbow Brite's belt she's wearing. Because she's fun like that.

I was going to put more glowy sparkly bits, but they cluttered up the image.Collapse )

Comment Drabbles

Arranged for your convenience, all of the drabbles from the last post. If you didn't get one, and still want one, you can leave a comment in this post and I'll add one on for you.

khephera, yours totally got out of control. Rather fitting, considering the prompt. XD

For kinetikatrue: Beowulf/beorscop, ashes.Collapse )

For boondock_duck: Slytherin Fourth-Years (The Little Rascals), climbing trees.Collapse )

For thisbirdcansing: House, sandwich.Collapse )

For diva_freak: Draco/Ron, circus.Collapse )

For groovyfacemcgee: Remus/Phulan, freezepops.Collapse )

For wonderfish: Daniel Carter, recalcitrant.Collapse )

For khephera: Booster Gold/Blue Beetle, camping.Collapse )

For jeminigrl87: Chase/Cameron, calendar.Collapse )

If you've read my regular journal, you know I'm answering phones at church. I'm bored, and trying to kill time without doing anything incriminating. Especially now that Father Roy is here.

I've decided that I'm going to join ficlets100 and work on that this summer. Unlike my disastrous attempt at the fanart50, which I may but probably won't return to, this challenge is to write a hundred short stories of exactly 100 words in length. I figure that's more my speed than trying to draw and make a fool out of myself with my terrible anatomy skills.

I need to put more icons on this baby. Maybe I'll do that later, since it's not a nice day out.

You know what? I'm feeling generous. Let's have a meme.

Comment with any character/pairing and one random word of your choosing, and I'll write you a couple of lines about it.

You guys know what I can and will write. Basically, if I've seen it, I'll write it. If I can't do it, I'll tell you and have you pick something else. But I can probably at least make a stab at it. So go ahead and comment in, I need something to do.


...Wow, it's been forever since I've used this account.

So for the past couple of days (after being reunited with my dear tablet) I've been trying to do a painting in a more realistic style to match our new RPG, Their Finest Hour, which takes place in Great Britain and Ireland at the end of World War II.

It's not a perfect painting, but I'm proud that I managed to do something that wasn't anime or cartoony.

Title: none
Character: Anna Rasputin (original character)
Rating: n/a
Medium: Photoshop 7
Notes: Based on a tutorial by anemonesque.

Anna owns a cafe in war-torn London, a safe haven away from the restrictive rationing...Collapse )


So I've been tormenting thisbirdcansing for the past few days about a "secret surprise." After a few scary incidents with my tablet, I finished it. It's not the most attractive thing in the world, but it suits my purpose.

Title: Name That Disease!
Fandom: House
Characters: Greg House, Alison Cameron, Robert Chase, Eric Foreman, James Wilson
Rating: ...PG for medical ickies and House's slightly-watered-down brand of cruelty
Media: Flash for inking, Photoshop for color
Warnings: Poor-to-nonexistent backgrounds, slapdash art-and-color job
Comments: thisbirdcansing may be the only one who'll truly appreciate this, but that's okay.

Just another day at PPTH...Collapse )

Art: Troy and Chloe

Title: July Splash
Fandom: ...sorta Harry Potter not really...
Characters: Chloe Boswell, Troy Keegan
Rating: G
Media: Photoshop 7

Notes: Another piece with semi-original characters Troy and Chloe, this time with a summery, piratey feel. Chloe's belt is made of pieces of eight, by the way. Also, feet are hard to draw.


Art: Chloe Boswell, Cutest Hufflepuff Ever

Title: Chloe
Fandom: ...Technically Harry Potter...
Characters: Chloe Boswell
Rating: G
Media: Inked in Flash MX, Colored in Photoshop

Notes: You all know that I constantly talk about making a Flash movie, and this time I think I'm seriously serious. And I'll be doing it with two of our original Hufflepuff characters, but taking them out of a Hogwarts setting. The movie will still have some Harry Potter influence, but no waving of sticks. Because this isn't officially Hogwarts, I redesigned the school uniform. It still has a Pottery feel, but it's original.

All right, enough blathering, the art.

She might look sweet, but she's a tough chick.Collapse )

Art: Hermione/Ginny for sunnyrea

I'm so ashamed of myself. sunnyrea asked for this picture months ago, and I've only just now finished it. At least it's done now.

Title:Lights Out
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Hermione/Ginny
Rating: PG-13 for partial nudity (underwears)
Notes:...Um...the room has no furniture in it because they're not done moving in yet. Yeah. That's it. Heheh.

Oh God, I'll never be this late with art again. Seriously.Collapse )

Art Meme Art

This is where all the pictures from the art meme will go. I'll update it as I finish things. These are the first four.

EDIT:The next four are up, at long last!

EDIT AGAIN: Three more done, if you count Endy's.

EDIT THE THIRD: The last piece is done.

Art Meme, Away!Collapse )